Certification: South America



We have begun holding 2 day Certification Weekends across the country.

We are excited to announce that all currently certified Basic Level Instructors will be upgraded to Advanced Level with this new certification process. Current Advanced Level Instructors requiring recertification will maintain their Advanced Status upon completing this new re-certification protocol. Your renewed certificate will be valid for a 2 year period.

Those wishing to become certified for the first time, will be able to join us as well for the 2 day weekend, take the online exam and receive a 2 year certificate.  Cost for FIRST TIME instructors ONLY will be $225. 

If you simply want the experience of working out with Billy for an exceptional 2 days of Tae Bo & motivational and fitness tips, scroll down for info  and to sign up! (Non certification option)


We have rescheduled the Argentina Workshop, scheduled for Sept 1-3, 2018.

We will be posting new dates for Argentina and Peru shortly!