Boom Boxing Program

BoomBoxing Workout:

As a workout Billy’s BoomBoxing is  a new and exciting high-intensity workout consisting of eight basic martial arts moves combined with upper body boxing, kick boxing and kata techniques, performed to music specifically designed for BoomBoxing. For a most impactful experience, boxing gloves and a boxing bag should be used.


Billy’s BoomBoxing Curriculum Details For The Schools:


  • The Program is a curriculum for the Martial Arts Schools which is designed to generate excitement and crank up enthusiasm for the martial arts and the schools.


  • The schools may sign-up for the BoomBoxxing Program on the website.


  • The cost to the school is $99.95 a month for one year..


  • The payment authorizes your school to promote Billy’s name and photos, and it identifies you as an official school authorizing you to promote and host Billy’s BoomBoxing™ classes.  Basically, it is a licensing fee.


  • Billy’s Playlist of music will be provided to the schools and instructors


  • Tae Bo Nation will provide the instructors with a Billy’s BoomBoxing T-shirt


  • Tae Bo Nation will provide the Tae Bo Nation and BoomBoxing logos to the schools for promotional and advertising purposes.


  • A Billy’s BoomBoxing banner or poster will be provided to the schools for posting in their studios and on social media.


  • Tae Bo Nation will promote the schools and the instructors on its website for individuals searching to find a BoomBoxing location.


  • Upon signing up for the Program, Billy Blanks  will send an introduction video, showcasing the basic moves in a tutorial.


  • Following the tutorial, in the second month, Billy will send a complete demonstration of a BoomBoxing session.


  • Monthly, Billy will be facetiming with online instructors and answering any questions the school and instructors may have.


  • The school would need to have instructors that are either currently Tae Bo certified or would like to become BoomBoxing certified.


  • For all individual instructors who would like to become BoomBoxing certified, the cost is to the individual instructor is $249.99.


  • You may sign-up for BoomBoxing certification on the website, dates and locations TBD.


  • BoomBoxing certifications will be announced throughout the year.  The next scheduled class is at the end of June in Las Vegas at the Century Martial Arts Super Show. Another certification scheduled in the Spring will be announced shortly.


  • Billy believes in personally certifying all of his instructors, thereby providing your school and your instructors with invaluable credibility and a license to teach BoomBoxing.



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