Certification: Europe


We have begun holding 2 day Re/Certification Weekends across Europe.

We are excited to announce that all currently certified Basic Level Instructors will be upgraded to Advanced Level with this new certification process. Current Advanced Level Instructors requiring recertification will maintain their Advanced Status upon completing this new re-certification protocol. Your renewed certificate will be valid for a 2 year period.

Those wishing to become certified for the first time, will be able to join us as well for the 2 day weekend, take the online exam and receive a 1 year certificate.  Cost for FIRST TIME instructors ONLY will be $395. After the first year of certification you will renew at the Advanced level following the same renewal process. (must be in good standing to renew and upgrade).

If you simply want the experience of working out with Billy for an exceptional 2 days of Tae Bo & motivational and fitness tips, scroll down for info  and to sign up! (Non certification option)

In order to re/certify you will need to do the following:

  1. Complete the registration form below.
  2. Pay the certification fee:   $495 for a 2 year Advanced certificate  ($395 for first time instructors seeking a first time Basic certification). 
  3. Have a valid CPR card with you at time of your Weekend Workshop (certificates will not be awarded onsite without your valid CPR card.)
  4. Take, and pass, the online exam, which will be emailed to you upon completing the registration form below.
  5. Attend a 2 day Re-certification Weekend of your choice, ONLINE PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED.
  6. Sign the Certified Instructor Agreement which will be presented to you during your Weekend Workshop. (to preview this agreement click HERE , a hard copy for signature will be made available onsite at your Weekend Workshop). Billy Blanks will be teaching all the Weekend Workshop personally.

7.  If you would like to simply workout with Billy Blanks for the 2 Day Workshop, and not get certified you can use the registration form below and pay $199 for the weekend workshop only option. (no certification offered in conjunction with this option).

*** Once you pay your applicable certification fee, you will receive a study guide prior to taking the online exam. Then the exam link will be sent to you once you are ready to take the exam.  Upon successful completion of the exam you will receive your admission voucher to your chosen workshop location. You Permanent Certificates will be presented at the Workshop Weekend you registered for, or emailed. 

If you are simply working out with Billy and not getting certified you will receive your admission voucher with completed payment of $199.

Please fill out the registration form below, indicate which Re-certification Weekend you are interested in attending, hit submit and pay your renewal fee. You will then receive confirmation from us of receipt of your payment, along with a link to the study guide and online exam portion of the renewal process. Upon passing the online exam, you will also be sent your admission ticket to the Re-Certification Weekend you selected, thus reserving your spot.

You must have your temporary certificate in order to continue teaching and using

the Tae Bo® logo and verbiage, until you receive your new 2 year certification.

All Re-Certification Weekend Workshops must be pre-registered for ONLINE here at www.taebo.com,

there will be NO ONSITE ability to register.

For information on Romania click here.

Germany: (Basic Only)

Date: February 10 February 2019

Place: Universum Fit-Gym

Köln-Berliner-Str. 144

44287 Dortmund


10 am till 5 pm

Elite Trainer:

Jürgen Lohmann

Deadline to register is January 18, 2019.


Germany: (Basic Only)
 Date: 09 February 10 February 2019

Place: Sportschule Hwa-Rang e.V.

22303 Hamburg

Time: 10 am till 5 pm

Elite Trainers: Sandra Mammen & Richi Jankowski

Deadline to register is January 18, 2019.


Swiss: (Basic Only)

Date: 30-31 March 2019

Place: Sweat Zone Bern

Zentweg 17c 2. Stock

3006 Bern


Time: 10 Am till 5 Pm

Elite Trainer: Rigina Münstermann

Deadline to register is Mar. 5, 2019


Germany: (Basic/Advanced/Challenge)

6 April – 7 April 2019

Sportcenter Kautz
Rhöndorfer Str. 10
50939 Köln

8.00 am – 5.00 pm

Grand Master:
Billy Blanks

Deadline to register is Mar. 15, 2019



Germany:  (Basic Only)
Date: 01 Juni 02 Juni 2019

Place: Fitness-Insel


31028 Gronau

Time: 10 am till 5 pm

Master Trainer: Ramon Gorrin

Deadline to register is May 16, 2019


Germany: (Basic Only)

Date: 09 September 10 September 2019

Place: Sportschule Hwa-Rang e.V.

22303 Hamburg

Time: 10 am till 5 pm

Elite Trainers: Sandra Mammen & Richi Jankowski

Deadline to register is August  18, 2019


Germany: (Basic Only)

Date : 5/6 October   2019

Place:  Sportcenter Kautz 


Time: 10am till 5 pm

Elite Trainer: Ingo Gaube

Deadline to register is September  25, 2019


Germany:( Basic/Advanced/Experience)

5 October – 6 October 2019

Kjc Ravensbug Sportcenter e.V
Brühlstr. 36
88212 Ravensburg

8.00 am – 5.00 pm

Grand Master:
Billy Blanks

Deadline to register is September  15, 2019


Switzerland: (Basic Only)

Date: 16-17 November, 2019

Place: Fitness Center Galaxy, Karlihofstrasse 7. 7208 Malans, Switzerland

Time: 10am-5pm

Elite Instructor: Oliver Waser, Musa Hanli

Deadline to register is November 1, 2019


Austria: (Basic Only)

Date: 30.11-1.12.2019

Place: Westside Soccer, Bahnhofstrabe 1D, 1140 Wien, Austria

Time: 10am-5pm

Elite Trainer: Jurgen Slachta

Deadline to register is November 10, 2019